1. access to the pool is based on the bracelet access ticket. With the purchase of the ticket, users accept the terms and conditions of use of the service displayed at the entrance and assume the obligation to comply with the rules displayed
  2. wearing the access bracelet during the stay. Access bracelets are only valid for the day and time interval issued
  3. Maximum capacity 1500 people simultaneously (500 people during the pandemic)
  4. compliance with the unit’s program
  5. wearing a swimsuit
  6. use of showers before entering the pools
  7. civilized behavior
  8. compliance with the instructions given by the service staff
  9. it is forbidden to introduce, throw any type of residues in the pool water
  10. It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages into the unit, fragile objects that can cause cuts, injuries, pets, products or objects that are legally prohibited (weapons, drugs, etc.).
  11. it is forbidden to enter the premises while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or hallucinogenic substances, as well as in the case of contagious diseases, in a febrile state, in the case of open ulcerative wounds on the skin
  12. smoking in places other than those established is prohibited
  13. the use of deep water is forbidden to people who do not know how to swim; the entrance to the pool is the responsibility of each client
  14. games and jumps are made on the responsibility of each client, the pool manager does not assume any responsibility for accidents that may occur as a result
  15. the base is not responsible for the personal objects of the clients (loss, theft, etc.)
  16. children not accompanied by a parent or adult companion do not have access to the pools
  17. access to slides for children under 10 years of age is allowed only on the basis of the written declaration of the parent or accompanying person
  18. It is forbidden to wear accessories like of watches, bracelets during the use of slides
  19. access with food or drink is prohibited
  20. the disposal of the residues is obligatory in the specially arranged spaces
  21. in case of modification of the meteorological conditions (storms, torrential rains, etc.) after the access to the swimming pool, the value of the entrance ticket will not be refunded